Neck Deep Closes Out Their US Stay With a Sold Out Top Golf!

When you think of concert venues you often have a easy time thinking of ways on how can the venue can get any better. From a logistical stand point, it really cannot get any better than The Cowan in Nashville. Connected and ran by Top Golf the amenities the venue offers is unbelievable. Being able to munch down on some high quality food, with some of the cities best local brews and not to mention the driving range, it is easy to make a day of going to the rock show.

UK’s very own Neck Deep made a pit stop before heading home after their long summer tour with Blink-182 and Lil Wayne. I’m sure not knowing what to expect, just like security seemed to not know what a pop punk crowd is like, the Nashville fans did not disappoint. High energy filled the room as Neck Deep gave the crowd everything they wanted.

With crowd surfers pouring in from every direction and security standing there like a chicken with their heads cut off, I found myself on the barricade grabbing crowd surfers which made it a great experience for myself being able to feel the fans energy.

Playing songs from their early days to their most recent release the crowd stayed even keel the whole time. Moving, singing, chanting it was evident at how far Neck Deep has come in what honestly is such a short time. Starting off their career with We Are Triumphant Records, to quickly catapulting their careers with each subsequent release it seems like this band just continuously out does themselves. Though the long tour is over, they left the states with a bang which only brings the question… What is next for this up and coming pop punk power house? Whatever it is, based on track record it will be better than the last thing and will keep bringing us all back for more.

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