Rancid Reminds Philadelphia Why They Are Punk Legends

Rancid’s Philadelphia return was a punk rock masterpiece despite a venue change, an abnormally hot late summer day and a rapid fire set. Rancid is no stranger to the Philadelphia punk scene and even less of a stranger to the venue formally known as the Electric Factory.

Fans were excited and grateful for the unexpected change of venues in the days leading up to the show as it offered some relief from the intense late summer heat. Despite being a Sunday night, punk rock fans came out in droves and filled the venue hours before the band arrival on stage at 8:30 that night. A massive backdrop with the bands iconic logo was sprawled across the stage with a red was of lighting and the crowd began to chant with anticipation in the minutes leading up to their set.

Tim Armstrong and company burst on the stage as they jumped off of risers and kicked the night off with “Roots Radical” as circle pits broke out across the venue. The chaos didn’t stop there as crowd surfers began to flow over the barricade as the band flew through song after song giving the crowd little time to catch their breathe.

Rancid didn’t shy away from their iconic hits such as “Ruby Soho” and “Fall Back Down”\ and more made the set – however the band also dug out some deeper cuts like “Where I’m Going” that got old school punk fans in the crowd moving through out the night.

Against all odds Rancid showed Philadelphia why they are punk icons and made what could have been an off show into one of the best shows the city has ever gotten from them. Somethings never die and Rancid’s signature breed of punk rock is one of them.

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