Illenium Takes Over Philadelphia

Over the past year Illenium has taken over the Billboard charts across multiple genres and his Philadelphia arrival marked a major milestone in that journey. Across two nights Nicholas D. Miller known professionally Illenium gave the Franklin Music Hall a diverse performance unlike any other EDM show it has hosted as he brought a full band with him – he also played numerous instruments himself throughout the performance.

On top of a throne style stage with a sprawling LED board behind him Illenium was welcomed by a massive roar as CO2 cannons marked his entrance and the crowd went wild after two hours of opening performances. The show wasted no time setting itself apart from others within the genre as a guitar solo occurred in the first 10 minutes that was complimented with the first round of confetti cannons as the crowd danced along in unison. Across a long set Illenium took the crowd across a musical journey as he dipped into the diversity that has helped him rise to be one of the top performers in the genre.

A strong amount of the material he performed was original content though some sample and covered work made the list but the fans reacted strongest when the songs were of his design. Hit singles “Takeaway,” “Good Things Fall Apart” and “Feel Good” were all met with collasal sing-a-longs but that didn’t take away from the rest of the performance as Illenium had the crowd dancing from start to finish. Though the show took place on a Tuesday somehow it managed to feel like the weekend as the crowd gave themselves to the show 100% and in return Illenium fed off their energy as they reacted to nearly every drop through out the evening – even more so when special effects like lasers, confetti and more were mixed in.

No dance party would be complete without an ending and one could argue that this one came too early but it wasn’t Illenium’s fault that the night had to end at some point. No fan could feel that they didn’t receive the show of a lifetime on a Tuesday night. Few EDM artists are taking the risks musically and performance that Illenium has committed to with this tour as the majority of the songs were mixed/performed live with musicians. A lot of artists have that background and training but few dare take it with them on the road.

Illenium took the risk and it was worth it – for both his career and his fans.

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