Taking Back Sunday Ageless Beyond 20 Years

It’s become a norm in the music scene to do celebratory tours. Whether it be ten year album anniversary tours or in this case 20 years of existence as a band. I myself am a huge fan of these type of tours, especially when being a fan of those who are doing it! 20 years doing anything is a huge feat and deserves to be celebrated. Taking Back Sunday brought that celebration for two nights in Nashville at Marathon Music Works.

Over the years having several line up changes, the band could have easily called it quits as those type of things can take a toll on a band but TBS stood strong. Putting out numerous records that never disappointed the fans it’s become clear as the fans age, so does the music. The progression and maturity in their song writing shines through each album they put out. This tour celebrates that but it also gave back to the fans.

Each night of this tour Taking Back Sunday has made a commitment of playing TWO albums for their fans front to back. Each night playing their debut album, Tell All Your Friends, in full and then allowing fate to take control the rest of the way. The band flips a coin and the coin deciphers which album the crowd will hear on night 1 as well as on night 2. (Where You Want To Be & Louder Now are the options!) In this case night to got to scream their lungs out to not TAYF and Louder Now. The one thing so noticed in this crowd was aging TBS Sunday fans exposing their children to Rock N Roll which is awesome!

Opening the night was Red City Radio. Though I wouldn’t have imagined them opening for Taking Back Sunday back in the day they fit perfectly with the new wave sound we have been getting on the past couple records. Red City Radio was the definition of a Punk Rock n Roll band. Their set brought me right back to my roots. Thinking of NJs Gaslight Anthem or Philadelphia’s, The Menzingers – I was surprised to find out the band wasn’t from that region. Having raw emotion and angst in their music their stage presence and live show matched it perfectly. Getting the crowd warmed up and ready for Taking Back Sunday as the crowd kept packing in.

The moment finally came that everyone was waiting for. The Lights dimmed and the crowed roared as Taking Back Sunday took the stage. I couldn’t believe the amount of noise coming from behind the stage barrier and as the buzz grew it felt to hear that first note of “You Know How I Do.” Every lyric might as well been flying over my head because Nashville absolutely brought their singing voices.

Taking Back Sunday never skipped a beat and it proved their albums are ageless. 20 years – 10 years it didn’t matter how long ago those records came out to that crowd their that night. Even individuals in the very back were singing every word. We all go through our teen angst age stage and now 20 years later it’s safe to say Taking Back Sunday had a huge toll on shaping a generation.

The amount of Nostalgia that night was amazing and as stated before it was great to see Taking Back Sunday’s music being introduced to a younger generation. In a day and age where a rock band is under appreciated and musicianship is less valued it give me hope to know there will be some of the next generation brought up on rock and not just top 100 radio hits.

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