Noah Gundersen at a SOLD OUT Basement East

Words & Photos by Kevin Miller

This pass weekend I had the pleasure of bringing my camera to a show I already fully intended on being in attendance at. Long and behold a lot of Nashville felt the same. Noah Gundersen came to town on Saturday night at the Basement East, filling the place to its capacity. Getting there early to secure a spot to snap some photos but more importantly to enjoy the show. 

Before diving into the show I need to share that I slept on Noah Gundersen’s music for a few years before giving it a chance. There was no real particular reason. I played shows in a band and our singer brought much influence to her writing from this guys music. Always being told to check something out, at times I can become stubborn and do the exact opposite. I dove into his music and really enjoyed what Gundersen had put out up to that point. For me to ultimately fall in love with an artist, I need to enjoy their music, their message and a captivating live show. 

One fall night I ventured into New York City to hear an iconic voice, Dallas Green of City & Colour. In a filled theatre a guy and an acoustic guitar took the stage and my initial reaction was this could be disastrous with who is following this guy… Then his voice echoed through the theater and from that moment I was hooked. That artist was Noah Gundersen.

Now to the night at hand, my second Noah Gundersen show. This show was highly anticipated for me as a whole once I saw he was coming to town.  There were many factors into the anticipation. This time I got to see a full band backing a voice that lures you in & the most exciting part was getting to hear his new songs off his August release, Lover.

The lights dimmed and founder of To Write Love On Her Arms, Jamie Tworkowski, took the stage to great the crowd. The organization growing more known dedicates its efforts helping those who struggle with depression, addiction and self harm. Pairing up with Noah Gundersen’s tour as if it were ten years ago, was such a no brainer when you think about it. Gundersen’s messages through his songs of struggling through hard times but knowing he’s still two feet on the ground being able to relate to such organic situations being portrayed it was clear what the tours message ultimately was.

Taking the stage and from the moment his voice came through the speakers, yet again mesmerized. The crowd throughout the night grew louder and louder singing the words of heart break/sorrow back at the stage. Demonstrating nothing more than what music is. Noah Gundersen and his music is the definition of artistry. Each song lyrically cut and dry not hiding behind any metaphors, it can hit you in all the feels. The thing is though, no one in that room in their feels was alone that night.

If you haven’t given Noah Gundersen a chance, don’t be stubborn like me and do it sooner rather than later. It’s great to find a true artist. Gundersen’s music is truly important in this day and age of hiding behind feelings when his music can encourage to break down those walls and be open about what you’re feeling.

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