Where I Belong Tour Takes Over Nashville

Words & Photos by Kevin Miller

It has been exactly one week since the Where I Belong Tour came to Nashville and proved that pop punk is not dead. A tour with a stacked line up compromised of Canadian Pop-Punk legends, Simple Plan and Upstate New York’s State Champs, you would have thought that line up alone was stacked but fret not, the tour gave you another pop punk classic We The Kings & Florida’s up and coming Northbound.

Northbound, signed to Smart Punk Records opened up the night and they did not disappoint. Bringing a high energy that matched the sound blaring through the speakers. Each movement backing up the feeling of the words being sung. I honestly have been hooked ever since seeing this band for the fist time live this past weekend. They have many JAMS in their catalog and this tour was a perfect platform to get their music to more ears and they are taking full advantage by putting on an AWESOME rock show.

Waiting for We The Kings to come on I explored Marathon Music Works noticing that the crowd was diverse. Majority of those standing there probably in their late 20s to mid 30s but the best thing to see was to see those who were older had their children there taking in the rock show. We The Kings took the stage and the crowds volume was taken to a whole new level. Seeing great success with hits like Check Yes Juliet, it was clear that their music still resonated with aging crowd to this day. It was awesome to see singer Travis Clark has his family there to experience it all stating as you get older life on the road gets tougher simply because the time away from family. I was happy to be able to catch some of those moments!

State Champs took the stage and continued to show the crowd exactly what they came for. Playing all their hits while providing an entertaining live show that was full of energy and dance moves. It is hard to NOT to have fun during a State Champs set. They completely let loose on stage and encourage the crowd to do the same. Very much capable of being headliners themselves pop-punk lovers continued to get spoiled by this tour. Warming the crowd up for the main attraction, the buzz grew to its peak. Crowd surfers poured over the barricade getting security and the crowd themselves ready for Canada’s finest.

Simple Plan took the stage and the nostalgia looked in. It says a lot about a pop-punk band when a they still are rocking the stage sixteen years after a photographer put in his 8th grad year book that they were their favorite band. Taking the stage immediately hitting the crowd in the face with their hit, “I’d Do Anything”, it was clear we were in for one hell of a ride. Playing all their hits, including the Scooby Doo soundtrack, it was great to have some fun, let loose and hear some of the anthems that I grew up on. People say pop-punk is dead but last Friday night, again, proved that statement wrong. Pop-punk is thriving and back on its way up! The tour is still going for one more week and if you are in any of the below areas, I highly advise you check out the date near you!

11/17 – Dallas, TX @ Houes of Blues

11/19 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Van Buren

11/20 – Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues

11/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ Palladium

11/23 – San Diego, CA @ SOMA

11/24 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore

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