Matt and Kim Bring a ‘GRAND’ show to Philadelphia

A 10 year anniversary of their iconic album ‘Grand’ saw Matt and Kim return to the Franklin Music Hall this past week for yet another legendary show in the former Electric Factory space. This show comes nearly a year since their last performance at the venue on a tour that was much overdue for the due and came shortly after Kim Schifino’s severe knee injury had healed. In typical Matt and Kim fashion this tour almost was postponed as Kim suffered another knee injury but with enough physical therapy and support from Matt Johnson the duo was able to still hit the road to celebrate the anniversary of grand with a set that both delivered for fans and kept Kim from overexerting herself.

Though it was a Tuesday night the Franklin Music Hall begin to fill early in the night as fans made their way into downtown Philadelphia after work to party with Matt and Kim. There was no secret the show would be unique as the duo had already announced the show would begin with a top to bottom performance of the brief, yet impactful ‘Grand’ album that would be followed by what they called a “festival, best of” set. Matt and Kim veterans knew this would mean that the show would begin with one of their biggest songs, “Daylight” and it did just that after a bass dropping intro that shook the walls.

From there Matt and Kim gave the album of ‘Grand’ back to their fans and along the way remixed some of it in all new ways but it at it’s core the album remained the same from the kick drums of “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare’ to the rapid pace banger “I Wanna.” The show was classic Matt and Kim as they had balloons, confetti, blow up dolls and more all making appearances during the set. The crowd loved every second of the 10 year time travel back to the ‘Grand’ era and the crowd surfers began early in the night, never stopping until the shows end.

As ‘Grand’ came to a close with an emotional Powerpoint of where the duo started and a powerful crowd song version of the ‘Daylight (Outro)’ it was time for a quick break before the set kicked back into full gear. Matt and Kim proceeded to go all out with the closing set across 13+ songs of both their own material and remixes from Lizzo, Biz Markie, and DMX.

High energy and constant excitement is the best way that you can describe a Matt and Kim concert but the ‘Grand’ tour somehow went past even the standard expectations of their live shows. Much like many alternative artists Matt and Kim have grown a lot in the past 10 years but their music remains rooted in a lot of the sounds that they delivered on ‘Grand’ and the album holds up to be one of their best to date still.

Philadelphia loves and Matt and Kim – and always will even in 10 more years, regardless of what day of the week they come to town.

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