The Degenerates Tour Takes Over Music City

A night to remember is exactly what it was when the Degenerates Tour came to town this past Friday night in Nashville, TN. The long anticipated date for this tour did not disappoint bringing nearly 5,000 music fans to the Metro Nashville Municipal Auditorium to see the stacked line-up.

Compromised of so many talented acts, first up was Keansburg New Jersey’s very own Can’t Swim. For me, it was great to see some NJ bred music away from home. Warming the crowd up this tour was the perfect platform for Can’t Swim to get their music to more ears. Recently just releasing their fourth record on Pure Noise Record, Foreign Language, the new music added a great element live. Front man, Chris Loporto, now stripped of his guitar added to their presence on stage helping match the energy and emotions of the music they were presenting to the crowd. Its been great to watch this band grow, and it seems like they will continue their climb.

Second up, one of my favorite heavy rock bands, Beartooth took the stage. Always giving an electrifying performance, Friday night happened to be the BEST I have heard the band as a whole. Each note hitting harder than the last, and front man, Caleb Shomo, keeping the crowd on their toes, literally, for majority of their set. Looking back behind me it was hard to keep myself from dancing behind the barricade as a constant wave off people poured over the barricades. Beartooth took no one by surprise delivering an AWESOME rock show that warmed up the crowds vocal chords for the two primary acts of the night.

Grammy nominated, I Prevail took the stage. If I am being honest, this was the band I was least looking forward to in the night as I never really got into their music. Not for the reasons that people have been chirping (as if they don’t deserve a grammy nomination) but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. There is always that time for someone though where someone’s live show completely changes someone’s opinion and that is exactly what happened this weekend. The energy, the interaction was so captivating it loured me in and left me wanting more (almost a week later my google home is tired of hearing “hey google play I Prevail.”) This band put a stamp on everything that is coming there way Friday night.

Lastly, the main attraction was looming in the near distance. Anticipation grew and you can hear a buzz throughout the auditorium as if the Hoosiers were about to take on Goliath in a state championship basketball game. The curtain dropped with a bang and it was on. The crowd roared and sang every word back to Jeremy McKinnon. Opening the night with fan favorites to get their singing voices in sync. The night continued and more and more people wanted in on the action. Crowd surfers poured to the front as mosh pits formed into on large one. Nashville impressed me as crowds have seemed to be dull in recent shows but this one proved otherwise bringing all their energy. Unfortunately I was unable to shoot from the floor due to filming but you need to take my word for it that the energy never rested. The aging band proved to be ageless as they still rock as hard as they did ten years ago. The Degenerates tour did not disappoint and was worth every penny.

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