The Return of Motion City Soundtrack (But Don’t Call It A Comeback)

The long awaited return of cult alt hit Motion City Soundtrack came as an unexpected surprise when the announcement broke in 2019. As expected venue after venue on the nationwide tour began to sell out and proved that their fans were still hungry for the signature sound the band carved out as their niche.

The Saturday night concert packed the Fillmore in Philadelphia to capacity as fans of all ages poured into the downtown venue for a chance to dance with Motion City Soundtrack once again. It was clear from the line that wrapped the venue that many of the fans had been on this journey since the very beginning as their faded “I Am the Movie” era shirts showed a lifetime of stories. Others, however, were only making it out for what may have been their first proper Motion City Soundtrack show of their concert going lives. This beautiful yin and yang made the crowd ripe with energy as the stage was set for their return to Philadelphia.

You can’t call this a comeback, because that would imply that Motion City Soundtrack at some point weren’t at the top of their career. They needed a break, all of us do. People change jobs, life goes on and sometimes the cards play out right that the band gets back together. Motion City Soundtrack wasted no time as they showed the crowd they just need a few years to recenter as they kicked the show off with rapid burst of “Attractive Today,” “Everything is Alright” and “Broken Heart” in a flash that left fans trying to catch their breathe from singing a long.

The 20 song set spanned the band’s long discography for the Philadelphia fans and everything from the lesser known “Make Out Kids” to the peaks of “This is for Real” had the crowd singing on the top of their lungs with crowd surfers going over their heads. The sold out venue was washed in cascading color as Justin Pierre, Joshua Cain, and the rest of the band led the crowd across a musical journey all the while making a statement.

Just because you go away for a few isn’t a bad thing, in fact it gave the sold out show even more meaning as Motion City Soundtrack (finally) came home to the Philadelphia alternative crowd that had missed them during their time away. Hopefully the band is back soon, but if not they can rest easy knowing that Philadelphia will be here waiting for their return again.

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