KISS’ End of the Road Tour Part II

Few bands can revival the career of KISS as both a brand, musical talent and rock icons – in fact Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are two of the most well known names music has seen in the past century thanks to their contributions to the legacy of KISS. The band has topped charts across multiple decades, entered the Rock N’ Roll of Fame and always done things their way as they are ending their long standing career with one final tour that has been extended into 2020 due to popular demand.

As with any bands there are a certain level of expectations when it comes to live performances but the bar may be set even higher for KISS as they pioneered so many aspects of what has become the modern rock show. The End of the Road Tour brought out all of the band’s best technical additions to the show as trademark pyro, lasers, confetti & more were mixed into a musical sound set to create the perfect KISS performance in Allentown, PA.

Despite the Lehigh Valley’s last KISS performance falling on a Tuesday night the PPL Center was largely occupied with very few (if any) empty seats as the band descended from the ceiling to start the show of with a fury of guitars.

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons showed no signs of this being the true end of the road for the band as they stormed the stage with much of the same energy and passion that they started with 45 years prior. Both also delivered flawless vocal performances that at times shined as bright as they ever have in their career. Aside (and behind) Simmons and Stanley – Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer delivered their roles as expertly as they ever have in their now 20 years with the band.

Across 22 songs KISS gave Allentown a finale on a career that will not be soon forgotten. If this truly was our last time with KISS there was no better way for the band to go out as they lived up their reputation with a setlist that spanned their entire career focused on the hits but peppered with other fan favorites as well. Saying goodbye is never either but if there was an award for saying it best KISS would win it – just because this is ‘The End of the Road’ doesn’t mean that the road will be forgotten any time as KISS has already cemented their place in rock history.

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