Allen Stone Gets NJ Groovin’

Thursday night in the legendary Asbury Park where so many notorious acts have graced different venues and stages had the luxury of housing another amazing artist, American Soul and R&B singer, Allen Stone. Stone from Washington State brought his live show to the Jersey Shore for the second time in a matter of a year but this time at the newly renovated Asbury Lanes.

Stone brought his tour to the east this past weaken support of releasing his newest album that came out this past fall, Building Balance. The album written and depicts many of the events that Stone shared with the crowd that has happened over the past year or so in his life. Getting married, having a baby but most importantly the purchase of a stellar vacuum that was made in Australia that can pick ANYTHING UP. Stone not only please the crowd with his songs but was full on entertainment between each song as well keeping the crowd in a great vibe by getting laughs constantly.

Stone played a great mix of old and new songs and its clear that the buzz for this artist is growing. The demographic of the crowd was such a wide range, from mid-twenties to moms and dads, I think it speaks volumes of an artists reach when they can bring such a wide demographic together in one room. Being fairly new in listening to Stone’s music (have only dove into his 10 year career this past year in 2019) I couldn’t help but groove with the music myself in between taking photos. Whether facing the stage or not everyone there was into the show dancing the night away. Backed by a great band, you can highly anticipate the crowds growing as time goes on (as they have already been doing) because Stone exemplifies true artistry and put on one of the most entertaining live shows I have seen in a very long time. Check out the full photoset below!

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