The Revivalists take Harrisburg ‘Into the Stars’ at The Forum

On March 4 The Revivalists became the latest of a string of contemporary alternative bands to hit the newly blossoming music market of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This renaissance of incredible alternative performances has been spearheaded by Harrisburg University Presents. The birth of the city as an alternative market must play was not an overnight transformation however their commitment has paid off and as a result The Revivalists performed a packed house in the historic Forum Auditorium in the shadow of the capitol building in Harrisburg.

The standard theater seating was removed in the area surrounding the stage to allow for a proper Revivalists dance party to take place and the band’s impressive stage production looked stunning contrasted against the historic wooden stage. It may have been a Wednesday night on the calendar but once you stepped through the doors of the Forum it was the weekend as fans filled the hallways in search of drinks, merch and more in the minutes leading up to the band’s arrival on stage.

David Shaw led the full band of the Revivalists on to the stage just past 9:15 to an applauding crowd that was color washed in crimson LED lighting across the entire venue. After a few seconds the bands logo slowly illuminated behind them at the Forum and as the spotlights kicked on the crowd began to roar with approval for The Revivalists to start the show as the intro notes of “Criminal” began to be struck.

Shaw wasted no time connecting with the Harrisburg crowd as he grabbed his microphone from the center of stage and made his way from side to side as more lighting came to life behind him as the song progressed. By the end of the first track a massive production had burst to life and Shaw was hanging on the fans in the front row from side to side and down the thrust of the stage in the middle.

The Revivalists took Harrisburg on a wild set across their many full length albums and along the way they began to see why the city has become a must play for alternative tours. Whether it was the belting chorus of “Change,” the sing a long dance sections of “All Your Friends” or the amped up version of “You and I” the band fed off the crowd’s energy and gave it right back for them. Shaw spent every second he wasn’t playing guitar interacting with the crowd as he sprinted down the stage thrust to get closer to the most dedicated fans in the general admission pit.

Harrisburg showed up for The Revivalists and the band in turn return the favor with another memorable performance for the new market. The Forum was a beautiful venue that became even more enhanced by the talent that the band from to the stage and Harrisburg University Presents has continued a winning streak of successful events that rivals major markets across the country. The Revivalists truly did take Harrisburg ‘Into the Stars’ and hopefully they remember this new alternative market on every tour to come.

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