Aaron Lewis kicks off socially distanced concert series at Circle Drive-In

2020 hasn’t been a normal year for the live entertainment industry as a whole but some have embraced our temporary new normal in an effort to make the most of it. As drive-in concerts have begun to emerge all through out the country in small selection a hybrid combination of promoters and a venue have made NEPA the premiere location for drive-in concert entertainment. Aaron Lewis kicked off the new series of entertainment last night at the Circle Drive-In in Dickson City and while in physical structure it wasn’t a normal concert it more than succeeded at being a top tier entertainment event.

The cars began rolling into the venue promptly at 6PM and after a quick but thorough inspection they were able to park in their pre-purchased sections. Once parked attendees were able to set up their socially distant (yet generous amount) of tailgating space around their vehicles. The field below the stage and massive movie theater screen quickly transformed from a sea of parked cars to a safe and comfortable viewing spot for the attendees.

This drive-in concert series being produced by Stage West – Scranton, Circle Drive-In, SLP Concerts and DamnMillennial Promotions differs from many of the other drive-ins taking place in the country as they actually made the investment in live sound. Yes, that is correct – normal outdoor concert sound systems are being used for all and not an FM transmitter set up like the Live at the Drive-In Series at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia is using. The overall success of this drive-in series comes as many small parts arrived together to be a greater whole. The use of live sound was a major factor in the high quality atmosphere this non traditional show contained – not to mention the GIGANTIC movie theater screen being used to show the event as well.

Aaron Lewis took the stage just past 8:30PM after supporting sets from Nate Hosie and Ben Danaher on one of the nicest nights of summer all year. The singer/songwriter presentation of the show translated remarkably well in the drive-in set up and sounded perfect no matter where your car was parked in the lot. Lewis’ large catalog of both solo and Staind material gave him ample variety to create a fluid setlist that kept the crowd singing along all night long. Lewis’ was in the middle of a hefty solo tour when the industry shutdown hit with a show that was originally scheduled for spring at the Mohegan Sun Arena as he mentioned during the show. The set was full of iconic songs from all eras and a few dozen stories that Lewis shared in a very casual format to the cheers of his fans from their cars.

With the first show complete and a total home run the bar has been set for the remainder of the announced and yet announced drive-in shows for NEPA – one thing is for sure as long as tage West – Scranton, Circle Drive-In, SLP Concerts and DamnMillennial Promotions are producing them you can almost guarantee they will be the BEST CHANCE you have at enjoying live entertainment in 2020.

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