Adventure Club, Wooli & more bring the bass to the Pavement Rave

NEPA has quickly become the central focus of the live entertainment industry nationwide as unparalleled drive-in concerts continue to be announced and performed to massive crowds all while maintaining the state and CDC’s Covid-19 guidelines. The most recent Pavement Rave produced by Stage West – Scranton and DamnMillennial Promotions on September 6 proved to be the best party of the Labor Day weekend as Adventure Club, Wooli, Tynan, Codd Dubz, and BLVK SHEEP rounded a strong line up at Montage Mountain.

The set up of the physical concert grounds was structured a little bit different than the other concerts being produced by the promoter’s as cars were given much more room at this event. The extra space at Montage Mountain versus the Circle Drive-In allowed this event to be set up this way. A sea of canopies, dancing, inflatables and more took over the drive-in as ravers were able to make the space their own all while maintaining a solid social distancing space from the car next to them. This coupled with an increased production on stage (video screens, Co2, strobes & more) and solid outdoor sound system created a concert environment that easily rivaled any rave hosted in the pre-covid-era.

Were you at the event? Be sure to check out our exclusive fan photo gallery!

The Montage Mountain parking was very successfully transformed into a safe environment that allowed the attendees and artists to rage safely. Each artist on the bill was given a full hour to perform with sets running back to back all night long. This pacing kept the event moving strong for 5 solid hours of non-stop music that saw many of the attendees needing to take breaks for water, beer and food at the concessions provided to the far side of the parking area.

In order BLVK SHEEP kicked the night off with a solid set during sunset that got the crowd moving followed by an equally high quality set from Codd Dubz directly after. From there out things kicked into high gear as TYNAN and Wooli laid down one of the heaviest back to back sets that Scranton may have ever seen as the crowd was head banging as far as you could see. Adventure Club took the stage to a crowd that was well warmed up for his headline set as he brought a fantastic mix of dance and heavy tracks that ended the Pavement Rave off with a bang.

Without a doubt this was the biggest and best event to take place in Pennsylvania since March – BUT this won’t be the last as Stage West – Scranton and DamnMillennial Promotions has announced not one but two more shows set for later this month.

The Pavement Rave Series continues until then be sure to check out our exclusive photos of the September 6 event and mark your calendars because we will see you on the mountain for the next round.

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