Blackberry Smoke & Nick Perri turn it to ’11’ at Circle Drive-In

Another week has passed and the music industry remains at a stand still nationwide – except for cities of Scranton & Dickson City in Pennsylvania as another round of successful drive-in concerts made there way through the North Eastern part of the Keystone ‘State’. On Sunday night rock n’ roll returned to the stage with a southern kick as Blackberry Smoke headlined the movie theater style stage at the Circle Drive-in. Joining Blackberry Smoke in support was Philadelphia rocker Nick Perri. The show was yet another in the series being produced by Stage West – ScrantonCircle Drive-InSLP Concerts and DamnMillennial Promotions that has continued to get bigger with each passing show (and getting more attention within the industry with shows announced well in October at this point.)

A few passing rain showers didn’t slow any of the action down as the car’s began rolling in to the theater lot a bit after 6PM and the stage fully set for the opening performance from Nick Perri. Perri and his band are no strangers to the drive-in concert format as they have previously done dates with The Struts this summer in addition to this new tour with Blackberry Smoke.

Though the entire touring group that makes up Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves weren’t a part of this show it didn’t keep the band from bringing it on stage as a trio with Brian Weaver on bass, Zil Fesser on drums and of course Nick Perri on guitar and vocals. The band’s set was heavily centered around newer songs from their recent release “Sun Via” that was released on August 14, 2020. Perri and company delivered a solid set of true rock n’ roll songs that were all elevated by Perri’s incredible guitar playing abilities.

A quick set changed followed Perri’s final song as the haze from the stage continued to bellow out on to the mountain. Soon enough it was Blackberry Smoke’s turn to give the drive-in crowd a taste of true rock n’ roll but with the southern twist they are so well known for. The band is no stranger to the NEPA area as they have played the annual Peach Festival hosted at Montage Mountain in the past. With a riff of their guitars and a thunderous drum behind them the band rolled right into their Sunday night set to a social distance roar of the crowd below them.

Blackberry Smoke lived up to their excellent reputation of being a technically impressive live performance as they put on a near two hour set for their fans to enjoy across nineteen songs. By the end of the night drive-in crowd had rock, rolled, dance and sang their hearts out on some ballads with Blackberry Smoke – not to mention enjoyed the spectacular color washed visuals that beamed from the stage and the movie theater screen aside it.

The sound at all of the drive-in shows produced by Stage West – ScrantonCircle Drive-InSLP Concerts and DamnMillennial Promotions has been incredible but somehow Blackberry Smoke took that to another level , possibly even to ’11’ as the cliche’ goes with their set as their audio mix allowed every instrument and vocals to shine brightly across the mountain that night.

The Drive-In Series at the Circle Drive-In isn’t over yet and if you didn’t attend Blackberry Smoke and Nick Perri you missed out one of the best rock shows of 2020. So don’t make that mistake again – be sure to visit the Circle Drive-In on social media to see who is coming next and follow Stage Wast – Scranton, SLP Concerts and DamnMillennial Promotions to never mess another announcement.

Have some fun before 2020 fall ends and get yourself to a live drive-in concert!

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