Skillet rock sold-out Circle Drive-in show on a Friday night.

This past Friday live music returned to the Circle Drive-in as Skillet headlined a sold out show on a Friday in yet another show in the fall drive-in series produced by Stage West – ScrantonCircle Drive-InSLP Concerts and DamnMillennial Promotions. The band has long been regarded as one of the best live acts in rock touring and their consistent ticket selling history held true even in the drive-in concert format that 2020 has forced the industry into.

In addition to their technical and musical performance Skillet is also widely known for their constantly impressive stage production which also held true for their performance at the Circle Drive-In. Taking the stage just past 9:15PM with a flash of light, C02 and pyrotechnics the band started the show off with flair as they dove right into their hit single “Feel Invicible.”

John Cooper of Skillet performing at the Circle Drive-In

John Cooper and Korey Cooper’s stage chemistry was apparent from the first song and the married rock duo’s talents shined bright on the drive-in stage. Equally impressive to their side was the guitar mastery from Seth Morrison and you would be hard pressed to imagine a Skillet show at this point with Jen Ledger smiling on drums all night long.

Together the four talented rockers have perfected their live show and have truly earned all of the praise and reputation for touring that has been said of them over the years. Their success on the stage has been equally matched with the performance of their recent music as even 10 albums in the band continues to find new fans with active radio rock airtime.

Seth Morrison of Skillet performing at the Circle Drive-In

What started as a small series in August has quickly become a solid fall of live entertainment produced by  Stage West – ScrantonCircle Drive-InSLP Concerts and DamnMillennial Promotions. Each passing show has seemingly dethroned the one before it for the title of biggest at that respective venue as Skillet did with their massive drive-in performance. Skillet rocked a full 17 song setlist for their fans and left no era of their music unvisited during the incredible performance

With no return to normal concerts approaching the now perfect drive-in model being done in NEPA will remain the sole way to experience live concerts for 2020 (and maybe even possibly the beginning of 2021 at this rate). With a few concerts remaining across all genres of music be sure to follow Stage West – ScrantonCircle Drive-InSLP Concerts and DamnMillennial Promotions on social media to stay up to date when the next epic night at the drive-in will be taking place!

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