Matt Christine is the founder, editor-in-chief, lead photographer and designer at Sight of Sound Magazine.

What is Sight of Sound Magazine? Well, we are an outlet that consists of a group of dedicated photographers. I started the site in 2012 because I saw an opportunity to expand on a market that hadn’t really been touched yet in my area, music coverage of ALL genres for true music lovers. Sure we all might have our local newspaper and things of that nature but they lack the passion necessary for the competitive world of live music photography today. So there you have it, the birth of Sight of Sound Magazine but we all know the story doesn’t stop there. We are now well into the last part 2013 and things keep going up for us with exclusive coverage flowing in every week it seems. I couldn’t have done this alone though that much is for sure, I have had a real great staff behind me all along so I must credit them as well in this amazing thing we have created.

In the end Sight of Sound Magazine is what YOU, the viewer wants it to be. We cover every genre, every stage, in every venue that we possibly can that we way you can have a taste of the experience for yourself if you couldn’t make it or relive it once more if you were there through the photos we take it. Photography will always be the core of what we cover because there is just something special about capturing an artist during a live performance, the photography becomes more about a moment and less about an image in a way. Thank you one and all for supporting us so far because all of you make this possible. 2013 has been the year of Sight of Sound Magazine, we aren’t done yet and thank you all for giving us this chance to grow.

– Matt Christine