Cage The Elephant
Radio sponsored shows have been steadily growing in popularity not only across the state of Pennsylvania but nationwide as more and more alternative bands see widespread success. These shows become a great chance for fans of genres and music in general to come out to a summer show, for example this past week's FuzzFest hosted by 92.1. The festival is in it's second year now and they certainly raised the bar from last year by pulling in the veterans, Cage The Elephant, and the newcomers, Kongos, amongst other great acts for a very great alternative line up.
Two of the biggest names in "classic rock" have come together for an arena/amphitheater tour this summer, I'm talking of course about Journey and The Steve Miller Band. Both bands have more hits, radio singles, successes or whatever you would like to call them than I can even begin to count which meant that fans would most likely be losing their voices by the time that these two were done performing Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania.